Reporting Assistant

RADF - اليمن - Hajjah (Abs)

Job Title:  Reporting Assistant
Employer: Rawabi Al-Nahda Developmental Foundation (RADF) – Yemen.
Location: Hajjah – Abs
Work Hours: 8 hours per day Full time contract
Reporting/Responsible to: Shelter Officer - CCCM Officer - Reporting Officer
Post date: 22 January, 2021,
Deadline : 27 January, 2021

About RADF:
Rawabi Al-Nahda Developmental Foundation (RADF) is a non-governmental, voluntary, independent organization established in November 27th  2011, officially registered at the Ministry of Social Affairs as per license (579). Since its establishment, RADF has developed to be one of the most successful local NGOs with well trained and long experienced staff. RADF is a partner with many UN Agency such as UNHCR, UNICEF, FAO, IOM, and UNDP and other international NGOs such as DRC, unified organization, Partner Aid international and partners Yemen and many other local NGOs. RADF is also an active partner in the following sub-national clusters; protection, shelter/NFIs/CCCM (Camp Coordination and Camp Management ) and FSAC (Food Security and Agriculture Cluster) in Hodeida Hub and protection cluster in Sana'a Hub. RADF has implemented a lot of projects and programmes in many fields such as protection, shelter, FSL, GBV, CP and health in partnership with its partners from UN Agency and INGOs.
 RADF, in partnership with UNHCR, is  implementing a protection project, " Protection Monitoring and Mixed Solutions to IDPs and conflict affected individuals ", through IDPs Community Centre at Abs district, Hajja governorate which targets 9 districts with protection activities. 
Currently in 2021, RADF, for the third year Respectively, has been retained for partnership with UNHCR in 2021 in line with the operational needs and subject to availability of resources for the following activities through the tri-cluster approach in the following locations:
Hub: Al—Hodeida  - Locations: Hajjah   - Activities: Shelter/NFIs, Protection and CCCM.
RADF, in partnership with DRC and funded by UNICEF implemented a child protection project "(Improving protection for children ( boys and girls ) in conflict affected communities through community – based programming))" in three governorates, Hajja,  Huddeidah and Al-Mahweet governorates
RADF, also in partnership with GIZ, is implementing the project, "Improving access to safe water and hygiene knowledge for rural areas of Roba'a Hafaj sub-district- Bani Qais district, Hajjah Governorate"
The Foundation has excellent national-level relations and has experience in coordination with both national and international NGOs. It has offices, staff and community based committees in Hajjah, Sana'a, and Huddeidah, as well as solid experiences engaging with local communities from whom it gained acceptance and with whom it has collaborated in the past and present. In addition to that, RADF creates livelihood opportunities and community based protection committees. Last but not least, the foundation is mainly focusing on Sustainable Development Goals and Humanitarian Response.

This position demands an enthusiastic and detail-oriented individual with a demonstrated ability to achieve results in a demanding and fast paced environment. Under the direct supervision of Reporting Officer,  Shelter Officer and CCCM Officer , the Reporting Assistant will assist in the contribution of undertaking timely and high-quality qualitative and quantitative reporting of the all project activities.
key responsibilities:
•    Ensure adherence with RADF policies, tools, handbooks and guidelines.
•    With the support of Data Management staff, analyze and synthesize data, create infographics, interactive maps and other communication material as needed.
•    With guidance and support of Reporting Officer, Shelter Officer,  CCCM Officer and Data Management staff, suggest and develop reporting processes and appropriate formats for project staff, and monitor and ensure accuracy of data collection to meet all quality reporting requirements.
•    Contribute to regularly review project data, ensuring accurate data collection, and analyze the data to ensure the meeting of donor targets, and protection key trends for further reporting and analysis.
•    Assist to provide guidance to the field teams on how to best utilize the Shelter , CCCM tools to ensure that the data collection meet high quality and best practice standards.
•    Contribute in revision of draft Shelter and CCCM reports on protection assessments and incidents, for evidence-based referrals and advocacy for the protection gaps and needs of IDPs and other conflict-affected Persons of Concern (PoCs).
•    Contribute to report Shelter and CCCM trends analysis on a regular basis, and assist to maintain an up to date and in-depth understanding of community dynamics in the communities monitored including the surrounding host community.
•    Draft reports of quantitative and qualitative weekly/monthly/quarterly and annual reports by other project staff.
•    Assist the Reporting Officer to provide technical capacity building to project staff to improve writing and reporting skills.
•    Assist the Reporting Officer to establish and communicate a reporting schedule and ensure submission of reports in a timely manner, and thus provided quality assurance if data with the support of Data Management staff.
•    Contribute to overseeing reporting and data quality on Activity Info in an accurate and timely manner.
•    Perform any other tasks requested.

 Job Requirement:
•    A university degree in in social sciences or any other relevant subject or any related field.
•    2 years of experience working with I/NGOs in the Shelter , CCCM sector, with prior reporting, project management and M&E experience.
•    Prior familiarity with the implementation of Shelter and  CCCM projects preferred (sufficient technical knowledge).
•    Familiarity with research and analysis tools and processes with experience in report writing and data collection.
•    Demonstrated experience in deadline driven reporting environment.
•    Excellent M&E knowledge and experience, including understanding of how to conduct assessments and analyze data.
•    Experience in providing training and support to project staff, and good foundation of monitoring and evaluation skills.
•    Experience working with vulnerable and/or conflict affected persons, and case management experience.
•    Proven experience in conducting Shelter and CCCM assessment exercises and understanding of how to utilize relevant tools and approaches.
•    Strong conceptual and practical understanding of Shelter and CCCM issues and specifically RADF's approach to and role in Shelter and CCCM work including analysis and advocacy.
•    Understanding of the Shelter and CCCM Cluster and other Shelter and CCCM  coordination mechanisms and the roles and mandates of key Shelter and CCCM actors.
•    Strong understanding of humanitarian principles and Shelter and CCCM guidelines, and familiarity with case management principles, standards and procedures.
•    Ability to write reports and situational briefings in English
•    Readiness to commit and adhere to the values, mission and vision of RADF.
•    Be available for regular trainings provided by RADF and support in identifying staff training needs.
•    Attention to details and ability to communicate professionally and effectively - practical and problem-solver.
•    Able to ensure quality delivery in stressful environment, punctuality and respect for rules and procedures, and to adhere to deadlines.
•    Strong team spirit and ability to work comfortably in multi-cultural contexts
•    Good skills with basic software, such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
•    Ability to spend extended periods of time in field condition
•    Ability to come up with innovative solutions to unexpected and challenging problems
•    Ability to deal with heavy work pressure.

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تاريخ النشر: ٢٣ يناير ٢٠٢١
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