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The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an independent, neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of war and armed violence. Please visit www.icrc.org for more information.

The ICRC is looking for a suitable candidate to fill the position of:

 Logistics Site Manager

Contract type: Open-ended

Number of Posts: 1 Post

Duty station: Marib

Starting announcement: 21.01.2021          


Logistics Site Manager is in charge of logistics activities within a Office in Marib AoR, under the SAC sub-delegation. S/he ensures that logistics systems are in place and operational and provides technical and operational support for purchasing, warehousing, stock management, import-export activities and statistics, in accordance with the ICRC’s logistics standards. S/He will remain responsible for supporting the operations on the field in all phases of the Marib Office Operational Plan within his/her specific geographical area that are Marib Governorate with priorities to pre-identified districts in Marib Governorate and explorative areas/ districts in Al Jawf Governorate and Al Bhaida Governorate, prevalently under GOY. This in full respect of the ICRC code of conduct and quality standards procedures. The evolution of the conflict might imply a changing to new priorities zone on the frontline areas that will be incorporate in the FO priorities.  

Accountabilities & Responsibilities

  • Sets up, adapts and maintains infrastructure according to needs, in collaboration with the Logistics Country Manager.
  • Is responsible for implementing logistics procedures on-site in accordance with the logistics strategy for the country and financial procedures.
  • Maintains and ensures proper use of general and specialized logistics IT tools.
  • Oversees and coordinates statistical reporting, queries and inventories.
  • Manages supply-chain requests and ensures they are treated in a timely fashion; supervises customer desk service and carries out related reporting.
  • Ensures collaborative demand planning is carried out with other departments; ensures information is shared with the delegation and the Logistics Country Manager.
  • Plans and oversees procurement activities (purchase orders, supplier files, sourcing, etc.).
  • Sets up, operates and manages a warehouse and manages stock inventory.
  • Is in charge of fleet management, transport and distribution activities.
  • Follows up the supply pipeline with the delegation, the Logistics Support Centre and/or headquarters, including for import-export activities where necessary.
  • Is in charge of capacity-building and HR-related matters for logistics on site.
  • Is responsible for managing finances for the cost centre(s) under their responsibility.


  • Understands and supervises the Performance Management & Development (PMD) activities for employees under their supervision
  • Makes sure that deadlines for the PMD cycle are met
  • Engages in ongoing and continuous feedback and support, particularly for employees under their supervision, but also other staff members
  • Organizes regular meetings within their team to ensure optimal coordination of the work and proper flow of information
  • Ensures that job descriptions for employees under their supervision are up to date; seeks feedback and support from the HR Department if needed
  • Plans and coordinates the annual leave of the employees under their supervision ensuring continuity of the operations throughout the year and making sure that there are no outstanding holiday balances at the end of the year
  • Coordinates and supports the employees under their supervision in their personal development by coaching and advising them on internal and external training and development possibilities

Scope & Impact

  • Office based in Marib City with an AoR covering Marib Governorate, Al Jafw and Al-Bhaida Governorate. Support to the operation can be extended to the Sahyoun area (supply, WH, movement to and from Sehyoun airoport).


  • Red Line HoO, Blue line Log Co
  • Internally, interacts with staff in the division and associated divisions at the delegation and with technical reference persons at headquarters.
  • Externally, develops and maintains working relationships with suppliers and other contacts relevant to their work.
  • , develops and maintains working relationships with suppliers and other contacts relevant to their work.

Certifications/Education Required

• Bachelors or technical degree in logistics or equivalent experience.

• Good command (spoken and written) of English and/or French.

• Computer proficiency and knowledge of specialized software.

Professional Experience Required

  • 6 years' experience, preferably in commercial, military or humanitarian logistics.
  • ICRC field experience an asset.
  • Experience managing a small to medium-sized team
تاريخ النشر: ٢١ يناير ٢٠٢١
الناشر: Yemen HR jobs
تاريخ النشر: ٢١ يناير ٢٠٢١
الناشر: Yemen HR jobs