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Oxfam is a global community who believe poverty isn’t inevitable. It’s an injustice that can be overcome. We are shop volunteers, women’s right activists, marathon runners, aid workers, coffee farmers, street fundraisers, goat herders, policy experts, campaigners, water engineers and more. And we won’t stop until everyone can live life without poverty for good.

Oxfam GB is a member of the international confederation Oxfam.

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Five-year continuous conflict in Yemen have destroyed food security and livelihoods of many Yemenis. Food insecurity and malnutrition is currently affecting more than 20 million people, of which nearly 10 million are severely food insecure, with seven million malnourished cases. Food insecurity and malnutrition are more prevalent in areas with active conflict such as Hajjah, Taiz Amaran  Saada  Abyan, and Aden Governorates where Oxfam is Currently responding to the crisis

Since the scalation of the conflict in 2015 Oxfam has scaled up its emergency food security and livelihoods assistance in those active conflict areas to improve the food and livelihoods security of the most vulnerable women, men, girls and boys. The main objective is to save lives and build resiliency of the most vulnerable Yemenis. Oxfam pursues a cash-based approach to deliver its assistance, meaning that Unconditional Cash Transfers, (UCT), Cash for Work (CFW) and cash grants are the modalities being currently used to provide beneficiaries with food and livelihoods assistance.

Oxfam has been going through a restructuring process to improve the quality of the program to increase impacts and sustainability. This post will be part of the Oxfam Yemen- EFSVL team to provide support in the implementation, delivery and management of the emergency Food Security and livelihood recovery project work among the affected host communities and IDPs

job purpose

To support/manage and lead food security and livelihood implementation and monitoring of the projects and facilitate building capacity of partners- VDCs and key informants’ stakeholders to independently implement the agreed initiatives.

key responsibilities

  • Take part and fully engaged in the assessment, design, planning, targeting and implementing process of the food security and livelihood projects and cash Transfer programming in coordination with local relevant stakeholders.
  •  Work closely with partners (involved financial service providers) and internal staff members to ensure all cash transfer payment and reconciliation process are achieved timely in accordance with Oxfam procedures and agreed standards.
  • Ensure continuous and regular tracking for the EFSVL program activities in the target geographical location and meet the expected quality of the assistance as per set standards.
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis at the village, clusters level and develop stakeholder management and engagement strategies in close work with EFSVL team leader.
  • Conduct village mapping in the project implementation area with clear development of village profile, HH food security and livelihood profile.
  • Work closely with PSCs, communities and other key stakeholders on the development of the plans, strategies, innovative ideas to improve the food security and livelihood status of the population.
  •  Pay regular visits to the targeted villages to identify the community assets prioritization.
  •  Pay regular visits to community communal projects sites to monitor the activities.
  •  Conduct periodic monitoring and analysis of the markets of food and non-food commodities and share the findings with the EFSVL team leader.
  • Ensure quality reporting, both narrative and figurative, to the EFSVL team leader and EFSVL senior officer on daily, weekly and monthly basis within the set time.
  • Support and build the capacity for the involved partners (PSCs, Financial Service Provider and local CSO Partner).
  • Regular technical support to partner staffs, to ensure EFSVL program activities implementation meets timeframe deadlines and quality assurance as well.
  • In collaboration with the project team, partners and beneficiaries, conduct regular monitoring to measure progress, outcome, impact and reports to line manager.
  • Work on proper documentation of EFSVL interventions and make sure all documents are archived properly.
  • Maintain good coordination and clear communication with local authorities/ key informant stakeholders and VDCs in the target areas for work/implementing facilitation.
  • Responsibility for the allocated target villages of the whole implementing process and he/she is the direct accountable staff.
  • Working closely with the MEAL team to conduct the EFSVL assessments/ Baseline,PDMs and any required individuals or Households surveys.
  • Participate in designing, monitoring, evaluation-based indicators analysis for the vulnerability and advice for new program designing.
  • Ensure the ESFVL Program activities are implementing in an integrated way with the WASH team and other departments.
  • Address and mainstream gender principles/ issues in all EFSVL components and take into consideration the culture sensitivity and local contexts.
  • Work closely with protection team to apply Oxfam agreed standards for the target beneficiaries and ensure no harm and safety principles are applied.
  • Coordination with the logistic team for facilitating all logistician support.
  • Adhere to Oxfam Code of Conduct and follow the developed security guidelines for the distributions, team movements and any security instructions by the security officer or the focal point.
  • Do any Other Tasks requested by the EFSVL Team Leader or EFSVL Senior Officer


  • Bachelor’s degree in social sciences or relevant fields(s) from a recognised university.
  • 3-5 Work experiences in emergency food security, livelihood, cash transfer programming and building community resilience.
  • Good Experience of project management.
  • Ability to work widely with local partner and government involved sectors in Livelihood and Food Security based gender equity.
  • Strong understanding of local socio-economic development issues, institutions and local contexts for target communities.
  • Commitment to equal opportunities and the promotion of gender equity in all aspects of Oxfam’s work.
  • High Skills of personal organization, self-sufficiency-Competent and initiative.
  • Demonstrable analytical, project appraisal, monitoring, impact assessment and reporting abilities;
  • Mastery of narrative writing skills in Arabic (English is preferable).
  • Understanding and well knowledge of Emergency and early recovery programmes-based poverty context indicators analysis in Amran (Khamer Areas)
  • Strong ability to work within team and consult with a wide range of staff colleagues.
  • Flexibility and ability to manage work stress and to work under highly pressure.
  • Pro-active and with excellent communication skills.

Key Behavioural Competencies (based on Oxfam’s Leadership Model)

  • Ability to be flexible, adaptive and responsive to a continuously changing environment
  • Ability to deliver and achieve good quality Results in a difficult working environment
  • Ability to supervise a field team& national partners with a focus on a timely delivering in a good quality.
  • The ability to remain calm while dealing with conflicting priorities and working under pressure
  • Build and maintain a reputation in line with humanitarian standards and acceptance for your team and partner work.
  • Proven analytical skills and ability to think strategically and implement
  • The ability to take measures to do no harm and to minimize risks for your organization, partners and the communities you work with.
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الناشر: Yemen HR jobs
تاريخ النشر: ١٠ يناير ٢٠٢١
الناشر: Yemen HR jobs